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Girl Power Guide To Getting Started

Congratulations on becoming a Girl Power Guide! You are about to make a powerful impact in the lives of many lucky girls in your local area. 

On this page you will find the information you need to get yourself up and running as a Girl Power Guide. While it's up to you how you run your business,  to maximise your chance of success and to ensure you are complying legally, we suggest you go through the following steps before offering the Girl Power workshops. 

1. Register Your Business 

As a Girl Power Guide, you can not use the words Girl Power or Girl Power Workshops as part of your business name. You need to operate under your own business name. You can however state in your marketing that you are offering Girl Power Workshops as part of an existing business or under your a new business name. For example, you may advertise your services as follows 'Kids Well-being Academy presents Girl Power Workshops'. You can also add a link from your website to the Girl Power Workshops website to help establish credibility. If don't already have a business, you will need to register your business in order to open a business bank account, apply for a business credit card and obtain an Australian Business Number (ABN)  in Australia. For more information about registering your business, speak to your accountant or if in Australia, go to this link

2. Set Up Your Website

Without a website it is difficult to establish a sense of professionalism and be taken seriously as an organisation. So it's important to establish your website. To create a website, you'll need a domain host for the website name and a website host for the website itself. Some companies such as Wix offer both. If you have limited I.T skills, I suggest you go with a company like Wix as it's easy to understand, relatively low in cost and you can make updates yourself. Paying an oustide party to create and update your website is pricey and also means you can't make updates instantly. I set up my Girl Power website with Wix in one day!

3. Legalities

As you will be working with children, you need to obtain a Working With Children Check (or the equivalent in your area). Anyone who works with you, either as a volunteer or employee will also need this before working with children. First Aid training is also essential. You will also need public liability insurance. You may consider other insurances such as business insurance and professional indemnity insurance. As music is often used in the workshops, you should also obtain the appropriate music licence for your country. In Australia, the association you need to contact is the Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA). 

4. Branding

As part of the licensing agreement, you are permitted to use the Girl Power logo to promote the Girl Power workshops that you offer. It's important to also have a separate logo for your own business, especially if you are offering additional services to the Girl Power workshops. A logo is an essential part of your branding. You'll end up using your logo on your website, social media platforms, promotional material, t-shirts and any merchandise you may create. So make sure it's eye catching and reflective of your values and vision. You could get a graphic designer to create your logo or try using an online logo generator. Once you have an initial draft, show a few friends and get some feedback before making the final decision - once your logo is all over everything, it can be a messy, lengthy and expensive process to change it!

Before you start running your workshops, please read the GIRL POWER GUIDE MANUAL.

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