Important Information For Girl Power Guides

Girl Power Guide Accreditation

To become an official Girl Power Guide, you will need to:

- provide us with a copy of your 'working with children check'

- send us a video of yourself presenting the 'Friendship Fire' section of the workshop


If approved, you will be able to use the Girl Power logo to help promote your workshops and we will list your events on the Girl Power Workshops website.


Please note that purchasing the program does not ensure exclusivity in your area. We do however make every effort not to over-saturate a location with multiple Guides.  

Business Name

As a Girl Power Guide, you can not use the words Girl Power or Girl Power Workshops as part of your business name. You need to operate under your own organisation's name. You can however state in your marketing that you are offering Girl Power Workshops as part of an existing business or or on behalf of a school or community group. For example, you may advertise your services as  'Kids Well-being Academy presents Girl Power Workshops'. You can also add a link from your website to the Girl Power Workshops website to help establish credibility.

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