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How To Become a Certified Girl Power Instructor

What does it mean to be a certified Girl Power instructor?


If you become certified it means that we can endorse your services as a Girl Power instructor with

confidence and you can use our 'Certified Instructor' logo in your marketing.  The certification gives you

additional credibility and brand visibility.  Once you are certified, you will be….

  • Given valuable feedback from Joni about your teaching

  • Able to use the ‘Certified Girl Power Instructor’ logo in your marketing

  • Listed as a certified Girl Power Instructor on the Girl Power Workshops website


How do you become certified?

  • Complete the Instructor Training Course (including all quizzes)

  • Send Joni a short video of yourself teaching students a segment of the ‘Shine’ workshop (the ‘Friendship Fire’ section). The segment can be filmed in a live teaching setting, at home with at least 2 students or a recorded in a Zoom workshop with at least 2 students. You can share your video in ONE of 3 ways 

1. Privately by Dropbox (send Joni a private link)

2. Create a YouTube channel and upload your video - then send Joni the link. Make sure you set the video to 'unlisted' (if you set to 'private', only you can view the video and if you set to 'public' anyone can view it)

3. Share your video in the supportive Girl Power Tribe Facebook group - just click ‘Add photo/video’, then select your file to upload.

  •  Joni will send you back feedback within 10 days. You will receive a written evaluation based on a range of criteria including organisation, knowledge, student engagement and enthusiasm.

  • Once your video has been appraised and approved, you will receive the Certified Instructor logo and a Certified Instructor Certificate. If Joni feels that there are some important key areas that need improvement, you may be asked to resubmit your video.


How soon can I be certified?

You can start the certification process as soon as you have completed the Instructor Training Course (including all quizzes!)

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