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Instructor Training Course
Start your journey as a Girl Power instructor!
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"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course. Your videos were  engaging and informative and the content in the printed modules was both extensive and presented in such a clear format. You certainly have a wealth of knowledge and I feel so inspired by your passion and enthusiasm" 

Kerrie Presnell, Melbourne

If you are passionate about teaching & youth well-being, you will love our Girl Power Instructor Training Course!

This training course is for you if you...

  • Want to generate an INCOME empowering girls in your community 

  • Are craving a CAREER CHANGE

  • Want to offer GIRL POWER workshops as part of an existing or new business

  • Are a teacher looking for NEW AND CREATIVE IDEAS for your well-being program

  • Want to learn ways you can help your daughter THRIVE

  • Want to receive official certification as a Girl Power instructor (this is optional - click here for details)

At the end of the three week course, you will 

  • Feel confident about facilitating well-being workshops for girls

  • Know practical strategies to help girls develop higher levels of happiness & well-being

  • Have the tools you need to start generating an income running workshops for girls

  • Understand the principles of Positive Psychology

  • Have access to our signature 5.5 hr SHINE workshop plan and accompanying worksheets

  • Have access to workshop plans you can deliver online

  • Learn our simple formula to create your own engaging well-being workshops & lessons

  • Be invited to join our private Facebook group for instructors

  • Have the option to become a certified as a Girl Power instructor - click here for details

  • BONUS: You will also have access to our REACH FOR THE STARS workshop plan, Well-being Activities Handbook (80+ teaching ideas!) & 50+ worksheets that you can use in lessons and workshops


This self-paced training course is comprised of SIX modules, delivered over three weeks:

Module 1: Why Girls? (why girls are experiencing more anxiety & how you can help)

Module 2: Positive Psychology (an introduction to the principles & theories)

Module 3: Workshop Structure & Topics (unpacking the elements of a Girl Power workshop)

Module 4: The SHINE Workshop (watch a SHINE workshop in action) Includes detailed SHINE workshop plan.

Module 5: Teaching Essentials (learn effective teaching strategies to help you deliver engaging workshops)

Module 6: Business Stuff (how to generate a profit running workshops for girls)

BONUS 1: Access our Well-being Activities For Kids resource, packed with 80+ activities and 50+ worksheets

BONUS 2: Receive official certification as a Girl Power Instructor (providing required standards are met) and authorisation to use the Girl Power Certified Instructor logo in your promotions

BONUS 3: REACH FOR THE STARS full day workshop plan and accompanying worksheets

"Training and working as a wellbeing leader for girls has been one of the best decisions in my life so far. The learning and growth I have experienced on both a personal and professional level, has been life changing!


Girl Power has given me the opportunity to align my passions, vision and life purpose with my work, and I feel like I am making a significant difference in the lives of many young girls. From day one, Girl Power Director Joni Combe has been supportive and encouraging – also providing invaluable insight and guidance, stemming from her many years of teaching experience.

If you are seeking an opportunity to thrive in your work or take your business to the next level, I highly recommend this course."


Olivia, Girl Power Instructor, South Australia


Instructors Stephanie, Jess, Syndi and Andrea share their thoughts about the course. 

You will finish this course with everything you need to run engaging and profitable workshops for girls.

Start your journey today and join our global tribe of inspiring instructors!


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purchase now and make payments over 8 weeks.

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Wed 30th Sept

I have enjoyed this course immensely. It is so well put together. I found the content incredibly inspiring and motivating. You’re a terrific role model and obviously a great business mentor. I am blown away by your generous nature and the support you offer!

Belinda, Adelaide

I LOVE this course so much! I feel so empowered and grateful to be trained by someone with such similar visions to mine.


Thank you for bringing joy back into my life.

Kristy, New South Wales

I just wanted to write and say how awesome, informative, evidence-based, amazing and inspiring your course is!

Syndi, Melbourne

Thank you so much for the Instructor Course - I have enjoyed every minute!


Can't wait to get this all up and running!

Nes, Sydney

I just want to say how excited I am about this course.


I feel that I have truly found my calling and purpose and can't wait to get started running workshops for girls.

Jenna, Melbourne

I’m literally telling everyone I know that works with kids to do your course!


Thank you for the amazing training!

Vanessa, Sydney

I have just completed the Girl Power Instructor Training and wanted to say thank you for an amazing program. 

As a mother of 2 girls, I feel this is a brilliant program, facilitating the development of skills all girls need to become resilient, healthy and confident.

Justine, UK

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course. Your videos were  engaging and informative and the content in the modules was extensive and presented in such a clear format. You certainly have a wealth of knowledge and I feel so inspired by your passion and enthusiasm.

Kerrie, Victoria

I'm so glad I found Girl Power Workshops! The course has given me the framework to take my vision to the next level.


Very excited to bring Girl Power to my 'Empowerful Girls Program'!

Stephanie, Las Vegas

This course is so awesome and informative.


I can't wait to use this information to help our girls!

Chrissy,  New Zealand

The course was so insightful, I was in complete ‘flow’ the whole time!

Sarah, UK

"The price is so affordable and worth every cent. I have paid way more for other courses that don’t deliver half as much information" 

Shelly, Queensland

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