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Joni Combe
Bachelor of Arts (Educational Theatre), Graduate Diploma in Education
Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology
Graduate Diploma in Counselling (currently studying)

Applying principles from Positive Psychology practices, Joni believes it is paramount that girls focus on their strengths, rather than weaknesses and intentionally create experiences that result in a positive mindset and inner confidence. 

Joni's background lies in the performing arts, TV, education and business. As the founder and patron of SA’s largest performing arts school, Theatre Bugs, she has extensive experience in teaching, curriculum development, student/staff counselling, event planning, public speaking, performance and communication. She has also worked as a children’s TV presenter on ‘Here’s Humphrey’, ‘The Fairies’ and ‘Bugs TV’ and collaborated closely with her father, Peter Combe, co-ordinating young performers in his live shows.


Joni is very passionate about empowering our next generation of young women and as such is continually furthering her education and experience in the areas of psychology, counselling, teaching and public speaking. 

When not co-ordinating and facilitating GIRL POWER workshops, Joni enjoys time with her husband and three young children, Amelie, Hugo and Holly.

Olivia headshot.jpeg
Olivia Trussell
Workshop Development Support/Coach
Diploma of Positive Psychology and Well-being
Holistic Counselling (HCI)
Pilates, Certified
Group Fitness, Certificate III

Olivia is a coach, Pilates teacher and meditation practitioner.  She has worked at two of the world's award-winning health retreats in management roles, where she mentored many guests in achieving their heartfelt best potential.

Olivia is passionate about inciting change, and one of her goals is to instil a sense of intrinsic values in the young women of today.  She knows first-hand the power of understanding one’s personal values and living a life that resonates values from an individual perspective. She believes a growth mindset can motivate children and assist them to realise their full potential, where limitations are not as prevalent.

As a coach, she works with positive psychology principles and assists individuals and groups (children and adults) in discovering how to live their best life, enjoy optimum well-being and utilise their individual strengths in everyday life.


Olivia has a caring and optimistic outlook and encourages our workshop participants to understand positive psychology from a young person’s perspective.

Maria Petrakis
Visual Arts Specialist/Coach
Bachelor of Visual Arts
Graduate Diploma in Primary and Secondary Education

Maria is a passionate advocate for Positive Educational settings. She believes it is imperative to understand that children learn in many different ways and always ensures that her teaching practices cater to this. If children are having fun then the learning happens organically.


Her passion, positivity and general zest for life are attributes that she hopes to empower the younger girls, in our society with. Maria’s background has heavily been based in the school setting, inspiring and extending students from Yrs 7 to 12 and coordinating faculties. By teaching skills and techniques through the Visual Arts she is able to understand students strengths and individual characteristics that make them who they are. Methods and content covered in her classes have been used as a form of ‘Art Therapy’. A strong believer that assisting the younger generation with developing and understanding who they are makes them more confident and brings them joy.


Maria has a very fun, loving nature and is able to build a quick rapport with all the girls she meets. Having a young daughter herself she feels that teaching our girls strategies from a very young age is pivotal for their emotional, mental and social growth!

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