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Online Girl Power Course - Groups

Instant Access

Our online Girl Power course is designed to help girls aged

7 to 12 years develop inner confidence, a positive mindset, friendship skills and resilience.


The course is perfect for those girls that would benefit from some "girl power" but are not able to attend our face-to-face events.


In this 3 week online course, students will:

  • Celebrate their individuality

  • Identify their unique strengths

  • Understand what makes a positive friendship

  • Learn how to manage friendship issues

  • Understand the difference between a fixed and growth mindset

  • Learn to embrace challenges

  • Learn to bounce back when things don't go their way

  • Express gratitude

  • Have fun!

What's in the course?

Identity, Individuality

and Strengths

Week 1


Making Friends, Keeping Friends

and Managing Friendship Challenges

Week 2


Developing Resilience and a Growth Mindset

Week 3

Each weekly module contains fun and engaging videos, printable PDF activity sheets, quizzes/games and art/craft activities that your students can do together with you at your school/community group (or complete at home).


The modules takes approximately two hours per week and girls can complete them at a time that fits in with your timetable or group session times.

At the end of the course, you will receive a

Girl Power Certificate that you can personalise for each student.

Online Course Certificate png.png

The delivery style and content of this course is creative and fun to keep girls thoroughly engaged.

Instant Access

How is the course run?

When you make a booking, we'll send you an email with a ticket and a link to access the course and this will give you immediate access to all the fun in the first week's module.   You don't have to start straight away - pick a time that suits you and your group.

At the start of week 2 (one week after you made your initial booking), the second week's module will become available.  You'll use the same link and ticket you used for the first week and you'll now see a new "tab" that will give you access to the next module.

At the start of week 3, you'll then get access to the third module in the course.  From there you'll have access to all 3 modules for a further 2 weeks.


Day 1

Book Ticket

Module 1 Available

Day 8

Modules 1 & 2 Available

Day 15

Modules 1,2 & 3 


Day 30

Course Complete!

What you'll need for the course

To participate in ​the online course, you'l need to have:

  • A computer or tablet with a web browser, Internet access and a speaker (to hear the audio from the videos)

  • For groups of 10+ students, you might want to utilise a large screen for the videos for easy vi

  • A printer for the PDF activity sheets. 

  • Some basic stationery / craft supplies:

    • lead pencil or a pen

    • coloured textas/pencils

    • crayons and water colour paints (if you don't have these, textas or coloured pencils will be fine)

    • scissors

    • ​sticky tape

    • a few pieces of blank A4 paper

    • a clean empty jar (e.g. jam jar) in Module 1- students could bring from home

    • stickers and sparkly gems (optional)

  • A ticket!

If you don't have a printer, you may be able to use a printer from a friend or visit your local library.  Some office supplies shops also have printing facilities.

We also have some small but fun interactive Powerpoint quizzes if you have a copy of Microsoft Powerpoint, but this is an optional part so don't worry if you don't!

What are people saying about the course?

My daughter loved the videos!

The friendship module was her favourite and she found it helpful for dealing with her friendship group at school.

It's a great course to empower girls to feel good about themselves.

Christina, mother of Zara (8)

It was fun to do together and she loved the crafty projects.

Thanks so much!

Kelly, mother of Miss 7

Thanks for the amazing course!

Miss Nearly 11 is enjoying it beyond my expectations - such a special thing just for her.

Emily (nanny)

My daughters are loving the online course! They started it last night and are so excited about it.

Anna (parent)

It was engaging and interesting and I learnt more about myself and my feelings.

Chloe (9)

It was so fun and it taught me a lot.

Maria (9)

She started the 3 week online course over the weekend and is loving it!

Can't wait for the next instalment.

Rachel, mother of Cate (7)

It was amazing because I loved learning about what makes me, me!

Diana (10)

It was really fun and I learnt so much.

I really needed help with my frownie vs smiley thought bubbles so I'm glad this was in Module 3. Thank you Girl Power. Can’t wait to do another one!!

Rachel (9)

My girls are not even half way through the first module and I have seen a difference already.

Jade (parent)

It was encouraging and a great way of learning. It was amazing!

Heidi (10)

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