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Instructor Training Course

Module 2 - Positive Psychology

The content in this module has been compiled by Girl Power Workshops founder, Joni Combe and Instructor, Olivia Trussell, based on the study and research we have completed through our own professional training in Positive Psychology.  Joni has a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology and Olivia holds a Diploma in Positive Psychology.


In this module, we are really just giving you an overview, a little taste of the principles of Positive Psychology.  There is a lot more to learn if you are interested in educating yourself further - you can refer to the Recommended Reading list in the Manual or research the many courses that are offered.  Also, please note that while we talk about things like 'learned optimism', 'Perma' and 'flow' in these modules, we don't use this kind of language in the workshops with our girls.  The information in these modules is to give you an understanding of the underlying principles for the content in the workshops.

Training 2.2 | PERMA
Training 2.3 | Strengths
Training 2.4 | Growth Mindset
Training 2.6 | Flow
Training 2.7 | Mindfulness
Video Content
VIA Character Strengths Survey
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PowerPoint Presentation

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Module 2 Quiz

Time to test your knowledge!

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