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Instructor Training Course

Module 4 - SHINE Workshop

This is an exciting (and longer) module! 


The downloadable content here will help you prepare and run an entire SHINE workshop, while the videos will walk you through each of the sections in the workshop.  The videos were filmed during an actual workshop so should give you a good sense of how a typical workshop is run.

Downloadable Content
TrainingManual-456 - CoverPic.jpg
Training Manual - Modules 4,5,6

File Format:    PDF

ShineWorkshopPlan - CoverPic.jpg
SHINE Workshop Plan

File Format:    PDF

AllAboutMeBooklet - CoverPic.jpeg
All About Me Booklet

File Format:    PDF

FriendshipBooklet - CoverPic.jpg
Friendships Booklet

File Format:    PDF

SignInSheet - CoverPic.jpg
Sign In Sheet

File Format:    Word DOC

FireAndExtinguisherPics - CoverPic.jpg
Fire and Fire Extinguisher Cards 

File Format:    PDF

FriendShipFireScenarioCards - CoverPic.j
Friendship Fire Scenario Cards

File Format:    PDF

Growth Mindset Booklet

File Format:    PDF

Video Content
Module 4 Quiz

Time to test your knowledge!

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