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Online Workshops FAQ

Our online workshops are super easy to access! 

We are using Zoom to run the sessions which is a popular app for online classes, video conferences etc.

Below are answers to questions you may have about our online classes.  Feel free to contact us at if you need further info.

How are these workshops run?

The instructor and all participants in a workshop will log into the same meeting in the Zoom application and using the inbuilt camera and microphone on their device (computer/tablet/phone) they can see and hear others as the workshop is being presented.

Some course materials will need to be printed ahead of time, and will be referenced/used during the workshop.

How should I prepare?

Once you have purchased a ticket to an online workshop, you will receive two emails from us, both containing important information:


Email #1 - Confirmation of your place in the workshop.  Sent immediately after purchase.  It will also contain

  • A link to the Zoom "meeting" on the date/time of your workshop

  • The password to be used for the meeting

Email #2 - Reminder of upcoming workshop.  Generally sent around 3 days prior to workshop.  It will also contain

  • A link to a page on our website containing downloadable resources needed for the workshop.

Prior to the workshop starting, please:

  • Confirm you have received both of the above emails

  • Download and print the documents listed on the resources page for your workshop.

  • Prepare your device for Zoom:

    • Confirm that you have the equipment required for the workshop (see What equipment do I need below)

    • Install the Zoom application on your computer/tablet/phone.  Download Zoom here.

    • Familiarise yourself with the Zoom application.  You can start your own meeting, or connect to a Zoom test meeting to validate your system is ready

  • Organise a relatively quiet place for you to participate.  You might need to pre-arrange this with your family!

How do I connect to an online workshop?

The confirmation email sent when the workshop ticket was purchased will contain the web link to the workshop (Zoom meeting) and the password required.  This is the simplest method, but you can also start directly from within the Zoom application itself.

Zoom have produced a quick video on this if you are unsure:

All workshops start with the participants video off and audio muted. Once you are ready, please turn on your camera and unmute if you want to speak.

Please connect to the online workshop at least 10 minutes prior to the start time.  This should give us to time to iron out an issues or connection questions and allow us to start promptly at the actual start time.

What equipment do I need?

To participate in an Girl Power Workshop, you will need:

A device capable of running the Zoom application.  Most systems are covered, such as:

  • Desktops and laptops (Windows and Mac)

  • Tablets (iPad, Android and Surface Pro 2 or higher)

  • Phones (iPhone and Android) - although this is not recommended due to limited screen size

A webcam.  These are built into most Mac computers, tablets and phones, but not all Windows PCs have them.

An Internet connection with at least a 2.0 Mbps speed in both upload and download directions.

A printer to be able to print the downloadable resources before the workshop.  If you don't have one, you could ask someone to help as these will need to printed ahead of the actual workshop (no printing required during the class).

For some workshops, you will also need access to basic items such as pens, textas etc.  Recommendations will be listed on the resources page for each workshop.

Full details for Zoom are are available on the Zoom System Requirements page.

Anything else we should know?

By participating in a workshop, you acknowledge that your image (if your camera is on) may appear to others during the live session.  Only people booked into the workshop can see you.


We will be recording all workshops for the benefit of those that may miss the class due to an unforeseen event.

If you are late or can’t make the time you booked, send us an email: and we can send you a link to a recording of the workshop.

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